Breaking the Racial Glass Ceiling

There have been hundreds of years of prejudice that humanity has tolerated and suffered through for so many years and, while the fight for equality and justice for all humanity has been ongoing out of recent years, it is hard not to see racial discrimination—especially when you experience it in your own workplace. After all, this is the 21st century. This is, supposedly, an age of modernity and acceptance – where and when a more complex understanding of human nature is expected of the modern business owner. But there are some things about racial discrimination that isn’t even outwardly discussed but internally learned and accepted as fact, as if some forms of racism have been accepted as the norm when that should never be the case and should not, especially in times like these, be tolerated.

Be this racial discrimination be at home or at work – it is of the utmost importance to practice equal treatment for all involved in order for there to be progress and a better understanding and empathy towards one another.

On the website, there are many claims and cases that address racial discrimination in the workplace, which tells us that this is still a very real thing in society today. The difference these days, in this century, is that there are laws that protect people of various ethnicities from discrimination of this nature. It is also a lie that only white people can practice racist behavior as presuming that all whites are racist is, in fact, a racist claim to make. The law is meant to protect all people – but the most predominant cases are towards people of color or towards people of different religious beliefs or nationalities.

Historical implications of a particular nation, for example, could be used in order to assume the worst of any one person or group of people. This should not be the case. In your work place today, do you see people practicing racial discrimination towards someone else?

Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

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